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Opportunities to Engage in Rewarding & Meaningful Ways

Get Published!


If you are interested in submitting an article to our double peer-reviewed Newsletter, please reach out to our amazing Newsletter Editor, Dr. Charmayne Adams at--  Our Newsletters are something quite special with our last issue reaching 61 pages, thanks to our phenomenal Newsletter Editorial Team led by Dr. Adams and Senior Associate Editor Dr. K. Lynn Pierce. Here is the link to our archived Newsletters that are published with images as well as in a text-only version (thanks, Dr. Pierce!) to enhance accessibility: Our next issue is set to be published in January 2023, so it's the perfect time to submit an article for consideration.


IARTC Update!



I hope you are enjoying Spring! I have exciting news and leadership opportunities to share with you!  We want all members to feel a sense of belonging related to IARTC so we will continue to advance opportunities for you to be involved in rewarding and meaningful ways.

IARTC continues to make progress on its ACA onboarding process. We recently became incorporated in the state of Virginia--where ACA is located. Our Articles of Incorporation were filed on January 5th, 2023! Celebrate!


Address! While we do not have a physical presence in offices, our official mailing address is:


2461 Eisenhower Avenue, Suite 300

Alexandria, VA 22314



  • Note: This address and phone number are also ACA's address and phone number.  Should you have any questions or ideas to share, please let us know by contacting IARTC President, Dr. Peggy Mayfield at


Celebrate! March is IARTC's anniversary month as a Division of the American Counseling Association! We are very excited about IARTC's First Anniversary as a division on March 24th!  Celebrate!


IARTC held its first Annual Membership Meeting as a Division of ACA at the ACA Conference in Toronto on Thursday, March 30th from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Eastern time. The location was Dockside 3--Lower Level in the conference hotel--Westin Harbour Castle. We offered Zoom access, and thankfully, did not encounter technical difficulties! The meeting featured our very first AWARDS CEREMONY!  This was a landmark event!  Zoom details were featured on the banner page of the website to ensure easy login.


You Can Join the IARTC Division-- Today!


We are beyond excited that ACA has completed the bulk of our onboarding processes and you can now join the IARTC Division today! Your IARTC membership will run concurrently with your ACA membership, thus when you join today you will pay a prorated fee. My prorated fee to join IARTC was $25.00—our bank balance is no longer zero!!!


If you would like to join IARTC now, contact ACA’s Member Services Center at 800-298-2276, Monday - Friday, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm ET. ACA members who join IARTC will pay a prorated dues amount based on their ACA membership expiration date. Non-ACA members who join IARTC will pay one full year of dues plus a $10 processing fee.


IARTC Mission Statement--Updated


At its July 2022 meeting, the IARTC Board of Directors voted to approve the following revised IARTC Mission Statement:


To enhance the quality of life for people and communities worldwide by promoting the development of professional counselors; by advancing the ideals of the American Counseling Association, the counseling profession, and the ethical practice of counseling through trauma-informed practices; and, by nurturing respect for human dignity, cultural inclusivity, and resilience.


Join an IARTC Committee!!!

IARTC is growing! We have the following committees that you can join:

Advocacy Committee

Awards Committee

Branch Committee

Budget & Finance Committee

Bylaws Committee

Communications, Media, and PR Committee

Conference Committee

DEI & Social Justice Committee

Graduate Student Committee

Membership Committee

Professional Development Committee

IARTC Newsletter Editorial Team

To join a committee, please send your CV and letter of interest to IARTC President Dr. Peggy Mayfield and IARTC President-Elect Dr. Lisa Levers at If appointed to a committee, we will also need a headshot and a brief bio so that we can add your profile to the IARTC website. IARTC encourages diverse members from national and international communities to apply. IARTC needs you!


IARTC Task Forces


IARTC continues to grow! We recently formed IARTC Task Forces to address the essential needs of the organization. If you wish to serve as a Chair, Vice-Chair, or member for one of our Task Forces, please send your letter of interest and CV to IARTC President Dr. Peggy Mayfield at IARTC seeks diverse members from national and international communities. IARTC needs you! Task Forces include:


IARTC Branding Task Force.  This task force is charged with assessing and enhancing IARTC’s branding to create consistency across all platforms. This task force needs members with extensive branding, website, design, app development, accessibility, and social media expertise. Members will research international best-practices and develop a set of guidelines and practices to enhance IARTC’s global presence with a particular emphasis on accessibility. We seek diverse members from national and international communities. Please send your letter of interest and CV to IARTC President Dr. Peggy Mayfield at


IARTC DEIB & Social Justice Bylaws and Policy & Procedure Manual Review Task Force. We recently charged a Task Force with reviewing our Bylaws and our draft IARTC Policy and Procedure Manual to ensure consistency across the documents. The Task Force is also charged with identifying and, if needed, rectifying any areas that may create barriers to diversity, equity, inclusion, belongingness, and social justice. IARTC is still in its infancy and we feel this is a unique opportunity to create an organization that is devoid of these types of barriers. This Task Force is fully staffed.


IARTC Emerging Leaders Task Force. The Task Force is charged with developing the framework for the IARTC Emerging Leaders Initiative to ensure a meaningful and growth-enhancing experience for participants. The aim is to select diverse national and international emerging leaders in the following categories: New Professional, Student Emerging Leaders (undergraduate, masters, and doctoral), New Faculty, International Emerging Leaders, and/or additional categories. Members will research international best practices in emerging leader programs to develop a state-of-the-art and sustainable framework for IARTC. We seek diverse members from national and international communities to ensure a global framework. Please send your letter of interest and CV to IARTC President Dr. Peggy Mayfield at  This Task Force is fully staffed.


IARTC Resilience and Trauma Exemplary Practices/Competencies Task Force. (Note: ACA has moved away from using the term competencies in favor of the term exemplary practices). This task force is charged with advancing the global understanding of trauma and resilience through the development of evidence-based core counseling exemplary practices/competencies. These foundational guidelines will advance pedagogy, epistemology, practice knowledge, and research related to trauma and resilience. Diverse Task Force members from the international community are needed to ensure a global framework. Members need a strong research background. This Task Force is fully staffed.


IARTC United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and World Health Organization Comprehensive Mental Health Action Plan Task Force

UN: and WHO: This Task Force is charged with identifying ways in which IARTC can align its efforts with those of the UN and WHO. Diverse Task Force members from national and international communities are sought to ensure a global framework. Please send your letter of interest and CV to IARTC President Dr. Peggy Mayfield at  This Task Force is fully staffed.


Coming Soon!


IARTC SWOT Analysis. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) are important factors to consider in framing the work of any organization. We plan to launch a membership survey to assess members’ ideas, needs, and opportunities. We endeavor to calibrate our efforts to provide members with targeted beneficial services and opportunities.


Thank you for your stalwart support of IARTC. We look forward to getting to know each of you and we aim to develop ways to provide an array of exciting member benefits. Please reach out at any time if you want to get involved or have ideas to share! Reach out to us— and President-Elect Dr. Lisa Levers at


Best always,




Peggy Mayfield, Ph.D., LCPC, NCC, CCMHC, CCTP, CFTP, DCMHS

President & Co-Founder, International Association for Resilience and Trauma Counseling

Diplomate and Clinical Health Specialist in Child & Adolescent, Family, and Trauma Counseling

Member, American Counseling Association International Committee

ACA Traumatology Interest Network Leadership Team

United Nations NGO Committee on Mental Health

Prevent Child Abuse Illinois Board Development Chair

Join IARTC: contact ACA’s Member Services Center at 800-298-2276, Monday - Friday, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm ET.

IARTC Newsletters:


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